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Challenges & My Interests....

Life itself full of challenges. Every individual's life is consists of a couple of chapters; i.e. the professional life, personal life, social life like that. so who is a complete it related to these parameters..certainly..for me individual has to have make a balance between all these: but is it possible in this generation..whare competitionis cut throat: everything is calculated in termas of monetary benefit: its an eyebrow raising question; but there are people of course few who supposed to manage a streamline in such a situation..they are complete..but again what about others..are they incomplete ??? certainly not...they are shackles by certain forces/conditions/so all these thoughts seems philosophical for them..they tends to define life in their own ways..perhaps these people make a clearcut distinction between complete and n't it?

MY HOBBIES.............

There are many factors that influence the quality of your yoga practice and your satisfaction with the overall experience. These factors range from the style of yoga you practice, the instructor you choose through to the environment in which you practice. Some of the factors you can easily control, others may be more dependant on what's available to you. When starting out practicing yoga, you should keep searching for the perfect combination that makes your practice the most satisfying and enjoyable.There are however three factors that are 100% under your control, that affect not only your enjoyment of your practice, but just as importantly, the benefits you receive from each practice.Challenge yourselfOne of the purposes of yoga, like every exercise regime, is to incrementally improve your body's physical capabilities. Yoga of course has the added advantage that it also helps to improve many aspects of your health and well-being that general exercise cannot.Even with these increased benefits, yoga is not a magic cure-all. Achieving these benefits requires your commitment and effort each time you practice. Achieving incremental improvements to your capabilities requires (and allows) you to further challenge your own physical limitiations. Over time gradual improvements result in large gains in your yoga abilities and the health benenfits of your practice.In every posture you should be looking to make sure first that you are stable and comfortable in the posture. You should then be aiming to slowly and smoothly deepen the stretch as far as it remains pain free for you to do so. In all postures you should feel the stretch in the relevant muscles and deepen into the stretch in a controlled manner to avoid damaging your muscles and ligaments. You should challenge your own abilities in order to achieve new yoga abilities, but also listen carefully to your body to know when to stop.BreatheThere is a lot of discussion and research into the importance and health benefits of yoga breathing. While these may well prove to be real benefits, adopting relaxed, controlled yoga breathing definitely helps to improve your overall yoga practice.The natural tendency, when practicing an asana (yoga posture) that tests your physical abilities, is to shorten you breath and in some cases, to start breathing through your mouth. This stressful breathing technique encourages you to tense your muscles and fight against the asana and the stretch. This is the opposite of the desired state for practicing yoga.Instead it's important that you concentrate on your breathing, completing a long, controlled inhale exhale cycle that fills your lungs to capture the maximum amount of oxygen for each breath. Focusing on your breathing in this way, helps you to remain relaxed and allows you to be more aware of your physical condition enabling you to better feel the stretch, be aware of tension in your muscles and concentrate on releasing that tension and loosen to muscles you're working on. Through this increased awareness of what you body is telling you and by noticing and releasing tension in your muscles, it's easier to accept each stretch and go deeper into each asana and hold it for longer without injury.Practice, Practice, Practice.As with all exercise, the benefits only come with a commitment to regular practice. Only through regular practice of exercise does the body start to develop, strengthen, adapt and change according to the physical demands you are placing on it. Practicing yoga is no different. Regular practice helps to build the muscle strength required to hold asanas. More than that, you'll develop increased lung capacity and provide the regular stimulation to the internal organs that helps balance chemical and hormone levels. Frequent practice helps to learn any new skill or ability and yoga is no different. In particular repetition helps your body learn the correct position balancing postures, to the extent that it becomes second nature - just like riding a bike. Another area where frequent practice is highly beneficial is learning how to slow and calm your mind, to purge your thoughts of the worries and stresses of the day.A helping handObviously there are no shortcuts to achieve these 3 keys to a more beneficial practice, but you can get help along the way. At Total.Yoga.Practice we are dedicated to helping budding yoga practitioners like you on your journey to a healthier and balanced mind and body. Every week our Total.Hatha practice provides our members with a fresh, hour long, professional yoga instruction video streamed directly to your computer via the internet, helping you to regularly schedule a challenging yoga practice into your busy life, even when you travel.

Natural Biorhythms is a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for making personal forecasts. Knowing your biorhythms, you can be sure about what to expect from each day in order to succeed at sports, dating, business, negotiations, exams, or job interviews.Natural Biorhythms is a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for making personal forecasts and biorhythm charts. This program is based on the western scientific theory of biorhythms, and contains additional features based upon oriental philosophy.Knowing your biorhythms, you can be sure about what to expect from each day in order to succeed at sports, dating, business, negotiations, exams, or job interviews. It works like a magic mirror, helping you to know the full potential of your capabilities, and prevent rash decisions during critical days.Be a winner in any situation!A human being as well as nature can be described with periods, that is why a man is exposed to the periodic influences. Lunar cycles, winter-summer seasons and day-night changing are considered to be external influence's factors. On the other hand the "biological clock" determines a person's life. In the East the biorhythms had been known long before 3000 years ago. The famous Book Of Changes which predicts the future and gives advice for any occasion was written on its basis.The first studies of biorhythms were made in Berlin in the 19th century. Nowadays the biorhythmic theory can explain the reasons of being in good or bad state without the apparent cause; being tired when a person is fit for nothing; feeling surge of strength to do one's best. The theory makes it possible to know for sure when a person can get the best of it in business, sport, education and even in private life. Biorhythms are also widely used to prevent accidents, to control the person's state of health and to predict the possibility of partners' compatibility.Each of these biorhythms starts at the time of birth. Cycle is divided into active phase (above zero level) and passive one (below zero). The day of changing phase, when one or more rhythms are changing from active to passive phase and vice versa is a critical day. The "critical day" means that the associated abilities are unstable, and it is wise to be really careful during that day.

GARDENING The cactus: Cacti are some of nature's most beautiful and exotic plants. Most cacti are native to the desert and arid regions, but most species can grow anywhere with a little accommodation. A cactus garden can liven up your yard and give your home an original look.Your cacti garden will need very little maintenance. No watering or irrigation is needed, the rainfall will be enough.


The wings of fire: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam needs no introduction.It is the autobiography of the Indian President, who is also known as the man behind India’s missile technology. This book is divided into four parts- Orientation, Creation, Propitiation and Contemplation.1) Orientation - The first chapter of the book starts with a hymn from the Atharva .He tells us about his trials and triumphs.2) Creation - this part covers the period 1963-80. He tells us in detail about his mentor- Prof. Vikram Sarabhai - the legendry scientist who shown the seed of India’s space technology. 3) Propitiation - this is the period 1981-91. Now, Dr. Kalam was the senior scientist- leading others and taking up big responsibilities. He writes about his SLV-3 project. This is the where we get to read about those projects that made Dr. Kalam ‘The Missile Man of India”. He gives details about his dream project Agni....4) Contemplation - this is the fourth part of the book, and it starts with a verse from the Holy Quoran. He gives his thoughts and views regarding the country’s development and goes in a retrospective mode.Dr. Kalam’ s humility, simplicity, vision, scientific knowledge, for love for his motherland-India, spiritual depth and clear and positive thinking really touched my heart and inspired me very much. This is indeed one of the best books I have ever read. Ignited mind The book reflects as to why, with all our resources and talents, we so often fail to realise our potential. The core of the book is to Ignite the reader’s mind into thinking why and how of ourselves and our nation. It is an optimistic but yet gives an introspection of the Indian society and it’s individuals. Dream, Dream, Dream.....Dreams transform into thoughts ........And thoughts result in action.

Seven spiritual laws of success; Spirituality is existent in everyone. Spirituality necessarily powers everyone. Spirituality is existent even in an atheist , as spirituality is belief and faith . Spiritual laws are rules and help run the universe, its prevalent in every living organism and only has to be invoked and comprehended. The Law of Pure Potentiality,The Law of Giving,The Law of Karma,The Law of Least Effort,The Law of Intention and Desire,The Law of Detachment,The Law of Dharma.Spirituality and practice the various points highlighted whenever possible, but never let spirituality rule you.

Autobiography of a yogi...some time few words can the life of somebody....This book is the greatest assets for my life.the book not only speaks about hindu saints but also very good comparision with that it gives me the feeling that all the saints..who is preaching about god is the same.Every one has to continue his regular life with littile bit of spiritual knowledge..this book is a guide for those people who always questions ’’what happens after death?’’and’’ does god really exists?’’.We must thankful to swamy paramahamsa yogananda as he showed a new definiton to our lives.. I wish and strongly belives that every one should read this book and follow sri yoganada’s lectures to make our lives meaningful. also....sri yogananda made a very great effort in establishing good relationship between India and America..
’’My Experiments With Truth’’ :is a simple-to-understand book written by an extremely simple man, our beloved Bapuji, on ideals like Truth, honesty, ahimsa. and service to humanity.’’Experiments...’’ is down-to-earth and deals with the practical problems of day-to-day existence.First, pls let me know what is the meaning of word mahatma, is it meant for someone who is born Mahatma - who is born perfect - a mahan atma.... or a great soul...., or is it meant for someone who is born like any one of us, and gained that sainthood through his karma ? Or for someone, who has accepted all his doings, right or wrong, in a very humble , honest way ? Or for someone who has been ‘framed ‘ as ‘mahatmaaaa.....
Brief history of time::I would call this book one of the most important and nice books I have ever read. It however does not go indepth in explaining a lot of other concepts which could have made the understanding of the Universe as a whole simpler. A lot of features like the black holes, curled dimensions and all are nicely explained and are the basic tenets of science as of today. It does not require a lot of mathematical insight for one to understand such a book. And thats precisely the reason why its a masterpiece.

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You certainly are a self confident and positive person! You remind me of a roaring lion strolling thru the bush...many will hear you as you make clear the way and there seems no fear for you getting lost on a side path!! Stay always strong and brave as you are...