Thursday, November 20, 2008

Small "I" within a BIG "We"

I am what I am.My motivation for working and living is my own ego. I don't feel pity to practically ignores the ideas of others. I am self sufficient,self-confident, the end of ends, the reason onto myself….I never wants to follow the typical path to joy of success-rather I define success in my own way..u like it o not..I don’t care.I would like to follow my own ideals rather than the rules of my predecessors or the demands of my employers. I wish I can achieve my “self defined success” without compromise.


ankita said...

I wish u carry on with this spirit as i will eagerly await how you fair much better than those who tread the same path on life ..:)

E Kiran Mohan said...


liked the reasoning of your thoughts. But please do edit the text and reload the article once again.

Keep writing as through your blog you could touch the common man like E.Kiran Mohan. Because we don't understand what you people do in the secret labs of IIT.